A limited edition, Street Art bottle, designed by world famous street artist Jonone…

La Compagnie du Rhum was there at the presentation of Clement by Jonone at the plantation house of l’Habitation Clement in the présence of the artist and is happy to share with you  this new creation by Clement & Jonone.

On the occasion of their 125th anniversary, and inspired by the art collection at the plantation house, the brand decided to commission Caribbean artist Jonone to design a bottle that would best represent the image of Clement rums.

The result is this beautiful, limited edition creation – 30 000 bottles only – that captures the modern, and traditional values of Clement rums.

The heirs of the H.Clement Estate holders of a longstanding tradition in the making of natural rum through the distilling of pure sugar cane crush offer a wide variety of white rums all certified with the Appellation d’Origine Controlee Martinique and produced according to the time-honored methods of their founder Homere Clement.

Carefully set to age in new French oak barrels to absorb its cool wood flavors and its spirited aroma.

After a year in these small barrels, it matures for another three years in re charred bourbon barrels to develop more tannins. Clement VSOP rum stands out for its superb mahogany color, roasted cocoa bean aroma and its smooth, mellow character.


check for more here

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