6 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE BOMB IT Webisode: @MRCOPE 2

  1. dogzzzzzzzzz your not a real nigga your fake,you talk shit about everybody but then you play the funk and be cool with them. YOUR A RAT YOU RATTED ON THE TWINS AND TATS AND EVERY BODY IN THE BS GRAFF GAME KNOWS THIS. IM NOT HATING ON YOUR LITTLE SUCCESS JUST HATE FAKE NIGGAS LIKE YOU. IN 5 YEARS YOUR BE BROKE AND BACK IN WELFARE.

  2. yeah ok mr jatsr you know so much about who ratted on how nosm why dont you go ask them and tats cru what really happen!! cmon go ahead go ask them they know the truth go you stupid ass mofo!! and i dont need too be cool with anyone all you graffiti writers are nothing but jealous ass shit talking haters starting with you!!! theres only a hand full of real writers left so stop hating and go suck a fat dick if im such a snitch prove it cmon lets see some real evidence you asshole get a life grow up ill be broke in 5 years lmaoooooooooooo!!!! thats funny cause i have art shows now booked worldwide for the next 3 years homie and my work is selling like kilos you hating ass mofo!!! now go suck a fat dick you hater!! lmaooooooooo so sad and pathetic!!

  3. Come on Ferns we know you ratted on the twins, and your booked for 3 years YEAH OK!!!!!!!! all the money you may have and your still a bum with no class, you should thanks Indie if it was not for her you would had never got into the art world. all you graft heads are FAKE all of them.

  4. why dont you ask the twins who ratted on them go ahead you know so fucking much you fucking scumbag!!! you know nothing but the hate you have inside for me and my success you fucking hater!!! go ask how nosm go!!! faggot mr all to real!!

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