@D1nyc : Getting Up In Afghanistan

… Essentially I was deployed to Helmand province from March to August of 2012. I was getting ready to rotate back to the states. I had stacked up almost forty cans of paint and had yo burn through them. I wanted to do this high profile spot without ppl making a fuss so I saved it for last. I had scoped out this wall and made plans to do it. So one morning I took a six pack of cans and threw them over the baracade. Later that afternoon, I walked out there by myself to do it. All I had was a pistol and a bottle of water. It was 140 degrees. Them cans were hot as hell cause they were sitting in the sun for hours. I knocked out them stock cap fillins as fast as I could without being spotted in the afternoon. A few helos flew over but no one really said anything. After I was done, I got my flicks and stepped off. I heard ppl was looking for me but by that time, I was on my way out the door. Lol.”


more here and here

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