Normally known as VFR, VFRESH has been and will always remain a notorious NYC vandal, forever maintaining his name since the early ’90s for exactly what it is—raw, gritty bombing at its finest. And this guy gets up.
Painting every nook and cranny of the city, his elusive and prolific career in vandalism doesn’t go unnoticed. With his new show opening tonight in Brooklyn, we caught up with VFRESH to talk influences, the current state of graffiti, and his creative transitions.

Who influenced you in your early stages?
My friends.

You’re known for popping up in really sneaky and mysterious spots. How did you choose your targets?
Its already in my DNA, what to do is pre-programed.

What do you think of the current state of graffiti compared to when you started?
Technology has helped change the way the message is delivered. It looks like graffiti has returned in a good way. Techniques, spray cans, high pressure, low pressure, fat caps, stencil cap, no cap—a lot of industrial manufacturing is geared specifically just for this craft.

Can you tell us any wild chase stories?
Nah, nobody is getting chased.

I understand that you’ve been in the galleries for a while now, but always trying to keep things fresh and new. What can we expect from your latest show, “Pepper Spray?”
The Unexpected.

Would you consider yourself transitioning into the mainstream art scene with the current show?
Its not a transition, it always existed, the art is just being exposed more. In the past I would participate in shows perhaps once or twice a year, more rapid fire was needed. And that is what’s in effect now.

You’ve said in the past that VFR is dead, care to elaborate?
No, I would never kill off VFR [Laughs], tags go through transitions.

So this is a transition from VFR to VFRESH…
That tag took a transition during the turn of the century. It’s not necessarily now.

And who is VFRESH?
Vandalism For Real Every Single Hit.


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