News drawings by @AlanKet

or the past year I have been working on ideas on how to present drawings or art for sale for the simple reason that many people are constantly asking me to sell them something or to make a canvas for them. I have usually declined these offers because the art or the graffiti that I make is not for sale as it is outdoors either on the street on a wall or on the side of a train. Its the way that I do my thing and you can’t really sell that (unless your Banksy).

Anyway, This year I have been inside a whole lot raising a new child and drawing more than ever. It’s been during this time that I have come up with a way to make something that I like and that I feel I can actually sell. One of the things that I have come up with are photo prints of historical images I have photographed. The other are drawings of pieces, slogans, words on newspapers. These drawings are created on articles and newspaper images that I find and that I feel are relevant to share. Most are clips from articles about the war or social unrest around the world – things that move me and that are part of the times we live in. Other times it might be poignant images that I can manipulate. In order to make these pieces less fragile I mount them on heavy paper and then typically frame them. I am quite happy with the outcome and continue to make more as I am still experimenting and still working indoors.


I’m glad to share these drawings some of which I have shared previously on my Instagram account. They are fun to do and a new way to make something that I can share. If you are interested in purchasing them they are on my new site 9for a limited time). They are priced to go into the collections of writers:

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