Brame UW:

Our Romance Cannot Last

New paintings

On exhibition through January 3, 2014

Cultural Arts Gallery

Indianapolis, IN

Brame UW/RTR/RFA/IBS/BTF (Samuel E Vázquez) got his start in 1983 with the East Harlem graffiti crew RTR. During the 80s he was considered strictly a writer primarily on the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 lines. Brame only got a handful of pieces to his credit before leaving NYC in the early 90s. Brame went on to earn two college degrees and later became a college professor at Indiana University. In the past few years his abstract paintings rooted in his graffiti upbringing have been exhibited in over 40 exhibitions and are collected world wide. Media outlets in over 50 countries have sought out Brame to share the roots and history of graffiti. To that end Brame lectures about graffiti to audiences at higher education and cultural institutions.

More about Brame UW (Samuel E Vázquez):

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