39 thoughts on “Kez5 keepin it realz !

  1. what a asshole, shit like this is NOT KEEPING IT REAL it gives graft a bad name. Why do a throw up a complete strangers car. Only a new jack or a toy would do this follow the rule of the graft game KEZ5.

  2. Thats some serious getting fucked up on all drugs and drinking and go bombing after breaking up with your girl type of angry bombing…I can’t say thats ok in my book

  3. thats stupid ass 13 year old shit ,that dude is a looser prob high on crack , dude comes out of jail for 3 -4 months then goes right back. A true idiot of the graff game why would you do this? Little kid mentality.
    Oh and he got his teeth kicked out .smh GRAFF DICKHEAD

    1. Never no groupie … KEZ5 is my husband fool!!!! We rep YKK NWC ***ALL DAY EVERYDAY BUSHWICK BROOKLYN!!! ***

    1. Lmao u a funny character .. I know my place … N it’s beside my kings side THE ONE N ONLY KING KANG KEZ5!!! … Niggas like u wish u was like him!!

  4. Na…funny never … but true to the game **** i kept it real and you as real as a groupie thinking she wifey***
    Bitches all wanna suck my clit like they rep ***** Straight Bird Walk*** BBKG414US

    1. Lmao … You’re just another hater on the KEZ5 list n always will be … Wifey n wife are 2 diff things …. I don’t claim to be wifey cuz I’m not … I am the wife I wear the ring on my finger proudly everyday … U want an autograph hater!? I can get you one .. It’s worth money … I’m sure you need it! … BBKGABCDEFG …. What ever crew you rep don’t matter ya just wannabes! … I can’t stoop to your level cuz you’re just too below me … Niggas like you bow down to ppl like me!

  5. Ya still postin about this whack shit , ya”ll scalawags need to get something else to do with ya”ll selphes!!

  6. YA all ball suckers , doest anyone in here have anything better todo than post about people who are nobodies in real life?

    1. Children!!!! Never a side chick there can n only be one!!!! …. Ya bitchin about us talkin shit but mean while ya reading n commenting on it … If u not gonna pop off then JUMP THE FUCKKKK OFF!!! … Come to Brooklyn or the heights let my KREW show u who’s toy!!!! Pussy wak ass niggas!!!


    1. Oooo u Bi … I didn’t know u go both ways … Sorry my nigga we don’t rock that way … But good luck!!

      1. So basically your all fucking posers and wannabes trying to cut one another’s ass on something you have no knowledge about. This trend was once an art form , but it’s become watered down and emulated to the point of no importance. Grow up and find another place to call home you bunch of degenerate outcast. The 80’s was 30yrs ago!

  8. Kez is a herb and Bonnie probably sum fat groupie toy who gets gang banged by the klan, if you think kez is good you know nothing about art and have a very low standard. Hence being fat & probably ugly

  9. Kez always finds the fat or dumb girls to support him.. Ms. Maggs, Linda, Amanda, Daniella, Anna and now you..but you don’t seem like you have much of a chance..I dunno know where Jakee fit in.. you’ll see..it looks like ur head over heals fighting for “your man” but he barely even hooks you up. u don’t know what u got yourself into..

  10. If those people who owned those cars only knew how lucky they were to get there cars spray painted. What u do is put the car away cuz 1 day it will be worth money. Graff is Graff! No rules!

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