VFR @ The World of Suits

Three young artists from Lower Manhattan—Abeline Cohen, Andrew Kass
and Sean Vegezzi—have curated an exhibition that represents perspectives
not often championed by the art world, presented in a disused retail space
that still holds vestiges of its history. On December 28, paintings,
installations, photographs, videos, sculptures and live performances will
be on display for one week before the interior is demolished and becomes
corporate office space.
The participants’ diversity is a piece in itself– works will be
shown from artists of all ages and backgrounds: some contributors have
gallery representation, while others have never formally engaged with the
art world before. This unprecedented collaboration is possible because
the gutted tri-level space on 15 Warren Street was provided for free just
before its renovation. By holding the show in 15 Warren, the curators and
participants seek to create an environment where art is divorced from
financial market-pressures.
Participants had a week to confirm their involvement, then another two
to create before installation. Because 15 Warren offers a rare opportunity
for artists to experiment without the pressure of making a sale, the
curators encouraged participants to challenge themselves and use a medium
they had never worked in or shown before.
An emerging voice in the New York art world, artist and first-time
curator Sean Vegezzi highlights the importance of this opportunity: “I
know how difficult it is to find safe places for self-inquiry in New York;
I’ve always worked hard to find them– with or without permission. We
finally get the chance to create our own and it’s been interesting to see
what people do when they’re free of financial and social pressure. We’re
creating an exhibition that will stop people from writing New York off in
an obituary.”

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