Snowy weather provides optimal conditions for graffiti artists to get up and lots of them have been using the recent winter storms to do just that. But they’re not just hitting walls and roll-down gates. They’re painting the holy grail of graffiti: New York City subway cars.

That was the case at the East 180th Street station and train yard for the 2s and 5s in the Bronx last night. ANIMAL was tipped off that at least two trains had been tagged by the likes of SEN, ORUS and SHADE (or SNADE? or SNAGE?). The graffiti experts we spoke to said the style of the pieces were definitely not indigenous to the city, or good, and after some Internet sleuthing, we feel comfortable in reporting that they’re from Barcelona’s OTP crew.

These writers continue a long held tradition of coming to New York and painting a train just for the flick. Click through the gallery to see their handiwork, since it will likely be the only evidence it ever existed. The MTA instituted a strict policy of taking taking graffitied trains out of service on May 12, 1989. That’s the date the agency declared its victory over graffiti.

By Bucky Turco

(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)

Check the rest of the pics here


2 thoughts on “NYC SUBWAY TRAINS FOUND BOMBED IN THE BRONX ( @animalnewyork )

  1. My first name was kaos That was in 1977/78 Until my parents found out. My first partner was Hex. And we were mostly Street Bombers That’s because we will only 11 years old .(Definition of bombers any graffiti terms is Someone who writes all over the place, Where not terrorists we are not blowing anything up when I trying to harmony thing we were just writers/Vandals) In no way shape or form where were using any explosives. I don’t want any red flags to pop up but that’s just a Street lingo. Since I was greatly influenced by one of the most Iconic graffiti legend. IZ The Wiz I took the name zim Because Wiz upside down spells zim . He did I Z throw ups, So I did Z I a abbreviation for my name. The first time we Wrote on subway train was at the infamous in and outs at Metropolitan Avenue Last stop of the M line. It was great it was easy very hard to get caught! They ran shuttles on the weekends and we did everything in broad daylight! The first little group of Writers That we attacked the ins and outs were drec mag Chiz kas gm Deam dg . This started hanging out with a guy who was a little older than us (dek Vic crew) He took us two spots to rack Paint ( Is shoplift spray paint is the definition for rack) We cut a hole In the fence of the Deadend block of farmers Oval Park. We also would go on Madison Street and climbed the clotheslines and Get on the bus depot roof Climb down A tree into the yard. Or just go to fresh Pond Road train station and walk down the cat walk into the yard. It was a playground for us we would have a average from 12 to 20 Writers at one time in the yard. 80 1985 I attended the high school of art and design. This is where I met Todd James a.k.a. Reas. And he put me in his crew All out kings. Going to art& design I met Writers from all over the city from all the boroughs. School was great we had a good time ,the place was destroyed everybody wrote all over the place. Some of the riders that attended when I was in school were show sin paid rec poke kosco resk rad emad pure joey(xmen) Blen167 reas bodeAka toland grinail There were so many more but my brain just can’t remember all the names. At lunch time we had the first table and held at least 20 people, And this was notorious writers table or benches. In the school. It was so much talent in the 80s writers really started giving styles dimensions and 3-D Force Fields Crazy characters and illustrations. At this time me and Reas became partners, In 1986 we really started to cut class and go do pieces on trains and then sneak back into school. We would bring pizza to the security guard on 58 street Knock on the door and he would let us back into the school We go to the lunch table and tell a bar adventure of the day getting the Bowery layup Or going to Astoria To inside to chase by workbums Or sometimes the Vandal squad! Reas shown me that you should do 3-D this way and put double outlines and force fields and have a highlight , And help me step up my game. Todd was so very talented I knew that you would make it one day in the art world’s parents support His art work hundred percent. Plus he lived in W. Canal St. in aloft and it was kind of bad area and people didn’t live in lofts back in those days. Not in his neighborhood it was industrial. So he took me to layups like the Bowery City Hall 57 street Layup . We went to the D yard I introduced him To Bode 7ds or meg125 We went down to Carroll Gardens and started doing walls and rooftops . Now this was Reas myself mesh Maybe once or twice ven Aok Wolf. But we had this big beautiful yard in Ridgewood the M yard reas mesh I myself Plus the gang, And show was also attending A&D As well as rec (MSD) Mad subway demons . Now the crews Where going into the yard , And the amount of guys going in was getting bigger and bigger and different Crews Writing together. Aok msd Vic vas cbk And I’ll try to give a rollcall see if I can remember all the names zim reas dg mesh Deam ven FK kas noe dek kez jt mag rec show sept raven cae doro Bl rosk sat7 drone nak dask Breeze tr Pema motz dak Poes I know I’m leaving some people out but old age is catching up to me going to be 46 now. Since the accident I had fell on a defective scaffold suffered severe damage had five surgeries and I’m all banged up and I’m disabled presently. I still painted today only permission spots and it’s very hard for me to do But I get it done some times in a little help doing my backgrounds high stuff too low stuff. I had rotator cuff reconstructive surgery on my right arm Left and right knee surgeries major lower back surgery and I still need another knee surgery. Unfortunately I can’t get on ladders so I can’t do any giant size scale walls. But you get a real kick out of it I have Cain and folding chair So that I could do my pieces plus I’m wearing the braces back braces have an electro stimulant on my back and neck. The accident is a blessing in disguise. Because I can still pursue some of my art , My true passion. Once you write graffiti you never really stop writing graffiti. Graffiti is like a disease , a chronic condition! What better way to express yourself .man has been writing on walls Since beginning of time and he shall continue until we were are all gone! Word up!

  2. Whats up ZIM IT’S TM VICREW . Good report. Sorry to hear about KAS . RIP KAS never forgotten !!!!

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