Cassius Fouler “Painting is the curse of the drinking class”

Opening Reception Sat. Feb. 8th 7-11pm


Raised upstate and relocated to the city, Cassius Fouler is known for a wide array of visual styles in his work. Infusing elements of contemporary, expressionism, iconography and original cartoonism intertwined with graffiti based text while also involving architectural properties. He displays hyper color paintings rich with a vibe heavy in chaotic turmoil. Visually challenging the viewers perception of their everyday routine and the city that surrounds them, he creates a relatable scene but one which can leave you perplexed after viewing. His unmistakable Characters and iconic images that surround tell many a story of the city. Living ones life moment to moment, the flaws of starving artistry, gentrification, humility, decadence, anger, sadness, inebriation and peril…

Over the years Fouler has shown in several galleries in New York and surrounding cities, created several large scale public murals and sculptures both legally and illegally, while constantly continuing to paint and create in the studio to no end. The ephemeral nature of his street work is incorporated brilliantly into his studio paintings. Whether viewed on a rooftop, scrawled across a wall, or hanging in a gallery, his style is distinct and undeniably original and alluring. For this exhibition we will be attempting to harness the raw, captivating sense of beauty and pandemonium that surrounds the artist and his work, landing it gracefully between the walls of our warehouse.

The artist will be showing paintings, drawings, prints and wood cut works.

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