Erni Vales Unusual Journey Book Release

“Nothing great happens without struggle!” Erni Vales

“An Unusual Journey”

It took just 3 decades for NYC graffiti legend Erni Vales to prime himself for his most ambitious challenge of his career. 169 paintings done in 13 months! That’s 13 paintings each month! This is his Unusual Journey!

“An Unusual Journey” chronicles, in detail, every painting. Both in stunning full color in this 12” x 12” hard cover 200 page book but also with blurbs, small back stories that reveal a momentary state of mind Vales was in while creating each painting.

These days you can find many, many books on graffiti almost anywhere, but this is not just a graffiti book. Vales’ combines his graffiti foundation with vibrant color. His love of storytelling inspired by classic film noir posters, all mixed well with a heavy dose of pop and comic book art style. The result is a wild concoction of thought-provoking characters, scenarios and themes that run the gamut from sex, taboo and religion to hilarious and ridiculousness!

Vales’ main points throughout the book however is not only to show off his speedy skills, (each painting took about 2-3 days to complete. Working on at least 2 but sometimes 3 at a time) but to make sure that each piece have the merit to stand alone. These are in no way speed paintings, every group (13 in all) is deeply thought out and each painting was crafted with pride, care and of course in his unique style, a style and a feat that no other artist can duplicate.

At first, 12 paintings for 12 months seemed the obvious choice but that didn’t feel challenging enough while on the other hand, 14 for 14 was way too many and the work would suffer so it was settled that 13 paintings, for 13 months would offer great struggle without straining the work, and with all the naughty, dark connotations associated with the number 13, it was the clear choice.

For additional info, schedule an interview or ordering your very own copy contact Red at 646.344.9599 or email at

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