FUTURA // Magda Danysz gallery

Magda Danysz gallery is proud to announce that she represents the american artist FUTURA.
The star of the stars, the emblem of street-art and pioneer of the movement, known from the 70s for his abstract graffitis without letters, FUTURA is a real legend.
Futura has been taking part in many exhibitions from the beginning of the 80’s, notably the legendary New-York / New Wave at the PS1 in 1981. This exhibition drew the portrait of a new generation revolutionizing art with completely new art expressions. Being the first person to do a “whole-car” without letters, he quickly imposed his abstract style on the artistic world, in galleries, in museums, and even in concerts, such as the one of the Clash at Mogador in 1981 where he was discovered in France for the first time.
Exhibited at the New Museum in New York in 1981, at the Tate Gallery in London in 1983, and Yvon Lambert in the same year, or at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery, in New York, then at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands in 1984; Futura never stop doing exhibitions in museums in Europe, Japan or in the United-States. Lately he had exhibitions at the Fondation Cartier in Paris, the Museum Sztuki of Lodz in Poland, at the Trienale di Milano, the Museum of Orange County, the Contemporary Musuem of Baltimore or at the CAC de Cincinatti, etc. He also participated in 2011 at the big exhibition at MoCA Los Angeles.
FUTURA’s painting is contemporary, abstract and expressionist. His works are the heirs of Action Painting in which we find
same dynamism as Jackson Pollock and William de Kooning. Marie Maertens wrote “Historical figure of the movement, he is also one of the most ‘pictorial’. He is one of those who stand out not in the tag but by their color explosions. ” FUTURA is an unconventional artist. A virtuoso of the bomb, a pioneer full of energy. He is one of the most famous artists of the street art movement whose influence transcends all the borders.
In 2014, he begins a tour across the world, after an exhibition in Paris from June 14 to July 26; he will be exhibiting at the Magda Danysz gallery in Shanghai in October.
+ 33 (0)1 45 83 38 51
Press: Clémence Wolff +33(0)1 43 57 78 79 clemence@mnacommunication.comFutura__Untitled__the_clash___135x310cm__1983__collection_Patrick_Lerouge2-2a777af0ca6da6fd0329b9a038db01dd

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