Considered by many as one of the founding fathers of American graffiti, COPE2 is best known for his “wildstyle” approach to the art form. Deriving his bubble throw-up style from NYC legend CAP, Cope and his Kings Destroy crew took the New York subway trains as their canvas in the ’80s, earning a reputation among peers in graffiti and hip-hop circles. Nowadays, Cope’s work can be found in reputable galleries across the world, while also collaborating with streetwear labels like Alife and Obey. We caught up with the longstanding graffiti artist at this year’s POW WOW Hawaii who, for our latest Essentials, shared with us a unique selection of business cards, an array of timeless graffiti utensils, in addition to the COPE2 “True Legend” book — a reflection of his accomplishments from over 30 years of painting. (check details here)


2 thoughts on “@HYPEBEAST Essentials: @MRCOPE2

  1. just one word RAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who drop dime on the TWINS (HOW & NOSM) This is a person who talks so much shit about people but when confronted he turns PUSSY.

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