a night of good ol’ derel fun and mischief as all types of artists and art enthusiast gathered at Sandra Gering Inc. on 14 East 63rd Street in celebration of Todd James (AKA REAS) for the reception of his latest series, Supernatural.
I was very much intrigued by his use of bright colors and humorous yet vulgar animations—almost like watching an adult cartoon series in stills.

A few classic characters were also in appearance, such as KAWS, STASH, and our very own Ricky Powell, as well as plenty of local street bombers incognito. The warmest reminder I left with last night was that art never fails to bring us all together. This one is definitely one to see in person and will be up until March 29, 2014.

Photos by Cindy CarolTJ08i Bencosme

check full recap here and here



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