Exhibit Z


Remember a few weeks ago when we showcased the art behind the Z? Didn’t it make you want to go out and brave the multiple polar vortexes that we Detroiters have encountered? No? Well me neither. Sometimes art is best viewed, critiqued and shared from your computer screen. But thanks to Library Street Collective (LSC), you can kinda sorta stay warm and witness firsthand some of the art of the Z. This Friday, LSC presents “Exhibit Z,” a group show featuring the art of the artists that created the beautiful imagery of the mammoth Z.

This will mark the first show of LSC this year as they continue to showcase their impressive artist roster in their beautiful two-story gallery located in the heart of downtown Detroit. As LSC tries to top an impressive 2013 with showings at Art Miami along with several successful shows here, “Exhibit Z” will act as the perfect opening for a city desperately in need of some “hot” art to combat this season’s painfully long and grueling winter.

“Exhibit Z” will showcase some of the works that 20+ artists carefully created over the course of several months late last year. Although it’s only been open for business for just over two months now, the Z-Lot has become quite the talking point for not only patrons of the Z, but for art enthusiasts around the world. As LSC continues to solidify itself as the premier art gallery in Detroit, this show will once again allow LSC to promote Detroit as an artist destination for the rest of the art world. With every passing show, the lineup is stronger and more powerful, with worldwide talent now resonating deep within the walls of this gallery.

“Exhibit Z” will feature samples of work from Z artists such as Spain’s How and Nosm, England’s Mr. Jago and Australia’s Dabs Myla. Each artist in the Z was carefully handpicked by the innovative minds of LSC to best represent a piece of architecture that will help lead Detroit as a “city of the future.”  In case you missed some of the pictures, head on over here for a look at the art of the Z.

“Exhibit Z” will be free and open to the public this Friday, March 7, from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. ET. But get there early – space is limited and the gallery tends to get a little crowded. For more information, please visit LSCGallery.com.

Read more: http://www.quickenloans.com/blog/exhibit-z-open-friday#ixzz2vGLoYoM4
Read more at http://www.quickenloans.com/blog/exhibit-z-open-friday#VHJPtb31Av6P6ERa.99

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