Biggie Small

Yesterday was the 17th anniversary of Biggie Small ‘ death. here is a tribute from Chino Byi  :

B.I.G grew up a couple of blocks from where I grew up. In 1993, a 21 year old Christopher Wallace gave me a copy of his demo. The cassette included his debut album Ready to Die, in its entirety – about a year and change before the album was commercially released in the fall of 1994. The copy I have contain’s a few tracks that are not on the album, as well as a few samples they were unable to clear. With nothing to reference at the time, I wasn’t sure how to spell Biggie Smalls, so I wrote Big E Smallz on the cassette. I’d still bump into B.I.G on the subway even after Juicy and Unbelievable were at the top of the charts. He was a humble dude that always had a kind word whenever we saw each other. Today marks the 17th anniversary of his untimely death #FrankWhite #RIP


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