The Creation of Clark

Outside of Clark’s window on Lowell Avenue in Longwood, the 6 train rumbled from its underground tunnel and into the sunlight of the above-ground tracks. Clark was eight years old when he looked out of his apartment and noticed something he considered beautiful. The subway car was spray-painted from top to bottom in bright colors. The names “Duster” and “Lizzie” shone from the surface of the car.

He ran out of his building into an empty lot and searched for something to paint with. He found a broken statuette and scratched an image onto the sidewalk. By the time the train rolled to a stop above him, he had created his own tag and name, and a new identity. “It’s burned into my memory,” he said. “I said to myself, ‘This is what I want to do.’”

The Creation of Clark (Sidebar Picture)

Master graffiti artist Clark FLY I.D. at work at his mural in Norwood.
Photo by Justin McCallum

Clark the Tagger
Clark FLY I.D. is his full artist name now, declining to reveal his birth name. It can be seen painted above a mural named “Blessed” on Webster Avenue and 205th Street in Norwood, along with something unexpected:  Clark’s phone number. The mural was painted by Clark and his crew member, GARCIA, with permission from the deli. The majority of his work done in recent years has been legal and commissioned graffiti, unlike the street scrawls of his youth.


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