Brame UW – Graf Sketches

For nearly 15 years, after I moved away from New York City, I kept my blackbooks hidden from the world. During that time I earned two college degrees (one from Indiana University) and worked as a creative director. All the while writing is a constant thought on my mind. We had it good in the 70s and 80s… the city was our playground and unlike today, no social media or digital cameras to allow the outside world to disrupt our expression. We expressed ourselves in what was a very tight-knit community of writers. After STYLE WARS was released, I was furious… I had started writing heavily and wanted no part of the outside world to know who I was or what we were doing… it was our “expression.” Years later, I realized that writing couldn’t be controlled, not even by those who started it all. The force is so strong, and in its purest form remains one of the strongest voices in culture. To share the roots and history of writing, I’ve been speaking at colleges, museums, and performing art venues. And yes, I’ve reconciled my feelings about STYLE WARS and have introduced the film and done Q&A at museum screenings. Thirty years later, I find myself picking up the spraycan again and taking out my Ultrawide marker to tag books and other items after my talks and events. Whenever I smell ink it brings back so many memories and takes me back to the days of motion tagging. — BRAME UW

Here are some of my graf sketches

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