This music piece was created in improvisation by Dj Murfizz Daw and Dudley Slang (Moveltraxx) at the “Salon“, a gallery / studio / shop run by Thomas Winter (Ed Banger), as part of an exhibition dedicated to Jay One Ramier, and the birthplace of the crew IHO (International House Orchestra).
This track is the second single of a conceptual album about the live participation that took place at the residence of Jay One in the workshop of Thomas Winter. The album will be released on vinyl and limited edition soon. The clip was directed by Jay One Ramier.
About IHO :
IHO (International House Orchestra) is a concept created at the Salon. The project aims to link visual art and festive music. Although many concepts have attempted to combine visual art and music, they are more concerned about conceptual music, classical or jazz. The concept of IHO enrols him in a more contemporary approach by addressing directly to electronic music, and particularly House Music.
More than one group, IHO is a state of mind that brings together improvisation, musicians, Djs, painters, etc.
IHO TAKE ONE is composed of Jay One RamierHarvey MarshalDj Reyz aka Dudley Slang (Moveltraxx), D Freiss, Lenz ” Lancelot ” Azari, and Renaud Spielmann.


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