Louie “KR. ONE” Gasparro, author of Don 1, The King of Queens

Recently 12OZPROPHET had the chance to chat with Louie “KR. ONE” Gasparro and I got to ask him a couple of questions about his most recent book release Don 1, The King from Queens: The Life and Photos of a NYC Transit Graffiti Master which he will be holding a signing event for in his hometown of Astoria at the aptly named Astoria Book Shop.

Around what year did you start and what really made you get started?

I started tagging around my neighborhood in 1977. I used to draw before I started writing so when I first started seeing it on walls and on trains I just started to draw and copy what I was seeing. My first attempts at writing weren’t really even pieces. They were shapes that looked liked pieces but actually spelled nothing. My first ever legible graffiti name was “TAG3” I was 11.

When did Don1 start and who else was getting up around Queens in that time?

DON 1 started in 1973. There were many writes from Queens at that time and a little later on as well.. Guys like IZ THE WIZ, DIME 139, ROGER, SON 1, PRO 1, JOEY TPA, VADE, DEMO, MICK 3, SOLO 1, KB TSS aka SAVAGE 1, TAGE, SLY 65, MACE, RCA, ROB 78, KN, SN, CHINO 174, DOC 1, ALL 1 to name a few.



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