Ipad Book : 2Many2Name by Kel1st

The history of New York Subway Graffiti and the number 2 from the 1970s to early 1980s. This app reveals the blueprints of the masterpieces painted by a variety of artists. Narrated by Kel1st.


This app truly is something different from any of the stuff I’ve seen relating to Graffiti.
It allows us a different look into some of the works that were once seen as a “Miserable Subculture” and has now a turned into a “World Phenomenon”.
The interactive graffiti “Pieces” allow you to see behind the works that once existed on trains, scrolling back and forth with “skeleton frames” to the actual finished piece is a treat. It also shows you the color palettes and allows you to download them so they can be used to create new works using their schemes!
A narration by graffiti icon by “KEL1st” is also a part of the app.
I really think this should be turned into an ongoing series of interactive apps and would look forward to more of this kind of “Inside Look”
Great work!!!

get it here

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