UNDER ONE ROOF. Art for the Arts. ( @KingBeeUW )

Making a house in the Bronx into a public art piece. “A guerrilla style exhibition of… Street Influence on Contemporary Culture.”


The spaces where art is exhibited is more accessible and engaging.”Under One Roof” is an art Show to benefit the renovation of a Brownstone in the Bronx into an Shared Artist Live and Work space. The money we raise past our goal of $7,000 will be used to benefit the transition of the space and to document the process of the transformation in a documentary to be released in November 2014.

“A Guerrilla exhibition of… street influence on contemporary culture.”

At the end of the above-ground Bronx 6 train – that inherently links graffiti with street art – OVER 50 ARTISTS COME TOGETHER TO CREATE A UNIQUE SPACE IN A HOUSE IN THE BRONX.

The show,“UNDER ONE ROOF”, will be a guerilla exhibition that is as much an exploration of street art and graffiti communication as it is of street influence on contemporary culture. The show which includes artists such as Swoon, Ben Frost, Street Level Culture, 4Fun and old schoolers like Easy & Sen4, will be paired with conversations on authenticity, music by underground musicians, fashion exhibitions and the performing arts. Recently, nothing has stirred more interest in art circles than the arguments between street artists and graffiti artists.

Contention is made public through the visual defacement of an artist’s work for the sole purpose of destroying credibility. The belief that New York needs a place for artists to develop their craft scarcely requires apology.

more here

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