Behind the Scenes with Krink | The Fierce Collective – Gatorade

As a part of their recently launched sport-meets-art Fierce Collective roll-out, Gatorade enlisted the talents of New York-based street artist, Krink. The Fierce Collective represents the intersection of sport and art. While the two have, more often than not, subsisted in different spheres, the Fierce Collective enlisted a range of eight top artists and creators to capture the bold and intense flavors of the Gatorade brand, through their own artistic expression.

The behind-the-scenes video highlights a bit of a deeper look into the creative process of the truck. Krink also opens up a bit about his involvement into the project and the reasons that the decision was made to make an accessible, mobile art installation.




The completed truck was recently rolled out at the Venice Beach Courts this past week where the Gatorade crew was in attendance handing out free Fierce drinks while the Krink completed truck was showcased.


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