Chris ‘Daze’ Ellis moves from train to gallery at the Addison

The moon is out, bathing the quad on a recent evening at Phillips Academy, the Andover boarding school founded during the American Revolution. Inside George Washington Hall, three students huddle around the artist known as Daze.

In his teen years, Daze dodged police so he could spray paint his tags and designs on trains and concrete walls around gritty sections of New York City. His contemporaries included Keith Haring, Dondi, and Lee Quinones. Now 51, he’s got a different mission on this evening. He’s helping these teens plot out an authorized work aimed at the wall of the building’s Gelb Gallery.

“This guy, what do you see him doing in the mural?” he asks, pointing at a sketch of a robot.

The ticket: Art
“I kind of see him with the skeleton,” says Emilia Figliomeni, an 18-year-old senior.

“So let me draw out the skeleton,” says Daze, quickly sketching in a blank piece of paper with a Conte crayon.

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