Fuzz One needs help. Please support.

Alan Ket wrote :   Times are tough all over and although many say that we are seeing a recovery in the economy in the United States experts state otherwise. We are still in a recession. Unemployment is still at an all-time high and many people are chronically unemployed. There is a myth out there that I hear time and time again that the poor don’t want to work that they prefer public assistance but I don’t believe it at all. Case in point is my good friend FUZZ ONE. FUZZ ONE has been a working guy ever since I met him over 20 years ago. In the past few years he has had a tough time keeping a job in the small town he is living in. Needless to say the opportunities there are not abundant. Recently he landed a decent job but became ill and lost it for being out sick too many days. That led to falling behind on rent payments, etc and now to a judgement against him in court. He has less than a week to come up with the $3000 that the judge and landlord have deemed acceptable for him to keep his home. Fuzz would rather work than ask for help but he’s had no such luck finding work. He will gladly send you art in exchange for your financial support. Please click on the link below if you can help. http://www.gofundme.com/91jwl8 fzz

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