South Ferry Inner Loop (Abandoned Subway Station)

To get things out of the way, do not comment asking me how I got in. Your comment will be ignored or deleted. This video is for entertainment purpose only!!! DO NOT try and go here because there are now video cameras in there //////Most people are aware that there is more than just one South Ferry Station, but not many know about this one. The South Ferry Loops (let’s forget about the new terminal for now) are a set of [two] tracks, one which carries the 1 train and one that is connected and utilized by the Lexington Avenue line (“green line”). The outer track is served by the 1 train, which stops at the South Ferry Station on the loop. People who use the South Ferry station know about the inner loop track, but not many know that there actually is a station on the inner track. The inner loop station is on a very sharp curve, so trains would only open their center doors on it. The station is constructed with several openings leading to the track where passengers would board and unboard trains. Most of these holes are bricked off, thus not many people know about the station. This station was constructed in 1918, years after the 1905 outer loop station, but it was abandoned in 1977 because newer trains were not fit to operate there. Over all these years, the mta has turned much of the station into storage rooms and also built some machinery there. You can catch a glimpse of this station by getting off at south ferry and looking at the opposite wall. One opening that wasn’t bricked up can still be seen from the outer loop platform.

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