YLG presents Latin Explorations

Latin Explorations in Syncretism and Figuration will showcase the work of five artists with artistic backgrounds that began in the streets and whose current work exhibits experimentation with figuration and syncretism in Spain and Latin America. Remixing, blending and resignifying Latin, European, Indigenous, and African cultures, each artist in the show explores the human form in their own, personal style.
Curated by PABLO ARAVENA, the exhibition brings the artists and their work to Montreal for the very first time. The selection is based on strong individual styles that, when grouped together, convey a perspective of themes, styles, and cultural flavor present in the contemporary Latin American and Spanish street art scene. Most artists will be present, transforming the evening in an international graffiti reunion which must not be missed.

« As a filmmaker and curator I have been documenting and working with street art all over the world over the last 15 years. Since first encountering these artists and their work, I became passionate about Latin American and Spanish street art. I was impressed with how prolific these artists are and the originality of their styles, themes and techniques. They made art that dealt with the reality and problems of their society, which spoke to me with a very strong voice. For many years now I have wanted to bring this Latin art energy to Canada to dazzle local audiences. The work from this group of artists is varied, going from Baglione’s exquisite explorations of existential dilemmas and the perils of modernity to the explosions of colour and abstraction from Sixe Paredes passing through the immigrant themes explored in Cekis’ latest work to Jaz’ experiments in figuration to Nunca’s syncretic characters in his trademark cross hatching style. The show will create a cross-cultural exchange and reveal these powerful artists to a Montreal public kick-starting summer 2014 with some Latin fire. »

Since its establishment in 1991, Yves Laroche Galerie d’art has provided art lovers with a thought-provoking alternative. From its origins in the Old Port of Montreal, to its current location at the junction of the Mile End and Little Italy, the gallery’s mission remains the same: to showcase the avant-garde in contemporary art. YL has positioned itself at the forefront of Canadian art and remains committed to promoting artists both internationally-established and emerging. Rooted in the underground worlds of tattooing, graffiti, comics, cartoons, pop art, illustration, and surrealism, the art exhibited at YL feeds off of an eclectic blend of cultural influences. Supported by its reputation and its presence at several international art fairs, YL offers an urban gallery fundamentally connected to international contemporary production

Latin Explorations Flyer (1)

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