AFRISDACHA: A Mobile Exhibition of Artem’s Work

A mobile exhibition of the unseen work of the late Artem Voevodin.


Artem had been shooting photos, writing graffiti, painting, and essentially, documenting his life in whatever way he could. He was an artist at heart, but no one realized the extent of his art until after his death. Even I was oblivious as to how much he had created. From the gigabytes and gigabytes of photos, to the hundreds of drawings he had scattered around the country, the amount of work is truly amazing. I always told him to do something with his work, but he was more concerned with living than showcasing his talent to others. If no one ever saw Artem’s work, he wouldn’t have cared. I think his disinterest in showcasing his work was a reflection of his humbleness. He knew all of his artifacts came from special times in his life and that was enough for him.

check for more here

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