Working as the new Art Director for U.S. Soccer Men’s National Team during these FIFA World Cupgames, graffiti iconoclast FUTURA has helped to create a series of limited edition merchandises ahead of the team’s first match on June 16th in Natal, Brazil. And among the hard-to-find collectables, none is more exclusive than the U.S. Soccer Men’s National Team Jersey by FUTURA. Based on the 2014-2015 US National Team Away Kit from Nike Soccer, FUTURA re-worked several aspects of the jersey, including the addition of the team’s motto “One Nation. One Team” and the artist’s “atom/globe” insignia. All done in his famous script, the customized jersey is only available as gift to friends and family at this time. Case in point, this one recently gifted to FUTURA’s longtime friend, fellow graffiti icon Stash. Hopefully, more will become available during the World Cup festivities. via

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