N.Y. State of Mind.

– First ever OKOK exhibition in New York.

Growing up listening to New York City Hip Hop and instantly falling in love with the art of graffiti writing through the documentary Style Wars – Now  excited to exhibit his art at Ginny’s Supper Club / Red Rooster in Harlem. As a kid, with Nas, Wu Tang Clan and Mobb Deep blasting out his headphones, running around on the train tracks painting walls and subways cars, New York culture was early a huge part of his life. 20 years and about 15 visits later he will now spend a week in the streets of New York to get inspired by the local cafes, restaurants and bars, riding the L Train, sun bathing in Central Park and listening to NYC radio while integrating with New Yorkers. The work created during this hectic week will be exhibited June 11.
Follow him on Instagram for his travel journal as he’s preparing for the exhibition imbibing New York City.

Big thanks goes out to, first of all – Montegrappa, Red Rooster / Ginny’s Supper Club and also BH Group, Passion XO, Lotus Vodka, Moleskine, Street Hippies, Nike, The Local Firm, Kelly May and Sandqvist.

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