Here is the first in a series of DUBL TRUBL films, which are to be released ahead of the first DUBL TRUBL group exhibition taking place September 2014, in Berlin, Germany. Featuring Lush and Rowdy. Filmed by Dscreet.



More information on the upcoming exhibition is below.


The DUBL TRUBL Collective are excited and proud to announce their first exhibition, taking place in Berlin. Entitled DUBL TRUBL: Ich bin in Berlin, the collective have paired together artists from all over the globe, resulting in an incomparable assemblage of collaborative works.  Styles will get clashed and egos smashed as these distinguished art deadbeats inspire and repel each other in equal measure.


Curated by Dscreet and featuring art, film, installation, music and more from: Aeon, Alex CF, Alex Fakso, Andrew Gillman, Anthony Lister, Base 23, Billy, BO 130, Break, BRK 192, Cain Caser, Chips, Chips For The Poor, Christiaan Nagel, Chris Stead, CIRO, Cityzen Kane, Civil Civic, Cone, Conor Harrington, Creeps, Cyclops, Dabs and Myla, Dan Speight, Dave the Chimp, Deus, Dmote, Drax, Dscreet, Ebot, EMA, Eoin, François Jenssard, Fred Fowler, Gemma White, Ghostpatrol, Girl In The Cartoon, Hello, James Jessop, Kasio, Kid Acne, Kid Crowe, Kirpy, Lush, Malarky, Mark McClure, Matt Sewell, Merda, Microbo, Miss Van, Mr Phomer, Nychos, Olivia Skalkos, Onio, Party, Paul Insect, Phlegm,  PMH, Pure Evil, Rainman, Rask, Reka, Revenge Is Sweet, Rone, Rowdy, Run, Russ Kitchen, Sickboy, Skewville, Skip WD, Space, Stik, Stika, Sumo, Thierry Noir, Timba Smits, Tizer, Trico, TwoOne, Vents 137, Vinnie Nylon, Xeme, Ziggy Grudzinskas, 3D, 44 Flavours and 616.



Urban Spree

Revaler Str. 99
RAW Gelände
10245 Berlin

Opening September 18th 2014.

Web: www.dubltrubllove.tumblr.com

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