BEYOND GRAFFITI WITH KEO has the privilege of talking with quite a few individuals that work with, in and around the culture of Hip Hop. They had everything from MC’s and DJ’s to authors and A&R’s share in some food, music and lifestyle talk. Today they’re gonna do a top to bottom with an artist whose life piecebook is tagged up with enough personal experience that makes ‘graffiti writer’ look like one of the most minimal skills in his resumė.

Even the most casual Hip Hop head has seen something that Blake Lethem has created. Excuse me, not Blake, you probably know him as KEO or KEO X-MEN, or Lord Scotch or Scotch 79. No? Well, maybe you’ve seen his work on the cover of Adam Mansbach‘s novel, Rage is Back. Or was it the lettering and cover art for MF DOOM’s first release, Operation: Doomsday? Because he’s a visual artist and graphic designer as well.

read the full interview here

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