DirtyPilot.com Presents The 2014 Invitational Vintage Label Show
In 2001 Graffiti Legend Pjay One began cutting the labels off of cans and having writers piece upon them. At first it was a novelty. But, it quickly became apparent that he was on to something.
By 2004 he was attending graffiti shows with a batch of labels on his person. While others had writers sign their blackbooks, Pjay One had writers piece on labels. These labels were quickly taken home to be matted and framed. Marveling at the simplicity of if all, each unique label became that much more valuable with each respective artist whom had pieced upon it.
Pjay One knew that this had to be expounded upon.
Since that day, he has been cutting labels off the cans within his collection, until an opportunity such as this one at Dirtypilot.com.
This eclectic group of artist that he has amassed for this show, has given new life to, as well as a unique identity to these rare and vintage labels that are now being offered at DirtyPilot. Grouping the artist as well as goods for this show was no small feat. He remains confident, that those who are able to see these items for their worth, will make this show a success by and through their purchases. You are literally seeing the evolution of graffiti as well as can collecting history transpire before your eyes. The 2014 Invitational Vintage Label Show runs through July 15.
Check back often as we will be adding new works throughout the show. visit here




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