12 Questions: Curve

@12ozprophet sat down with Curve for 12 questions :



1. Introduce yourself – your name, crews, current location? 
Curve TGE currently NYC and elsewhere.

2. Tell us about your name – where does “Curve” come from? 
They’re good letters, and I like the meaning and movement of the word.

3. Who were some of the writers growing up, that inspired you, taught you, and pushed you to where you are now? 
Growing up in New Haven it was Serk, Crest, Egon2, Brat, Swerm, Demo, Perm, Sket, Eros, and company. I was lucky to see all these well rounded writers in action, who pieced and bombed.. Once they spotted me doing outlines in the clean train yard they took me under their wing. Frequent trips to NYC and Boston, I recognized names that stood out to me and that I’d seen in many other places, like Hush, Eroc, SP1, Psoup, Jive, Risk9. The list could be several chapters long. When I moved to Philly I remember being very influenced by Sat, Praez and Liquid, and Kunt. The tags really struck me as powerful, with a lot of style, people like Secret Agent and Sad, Publik Ename, RX and BX. The names are endless.


you can check some arts by Curve here and read the full interview : http://www.12ozprophet.com/news/12-questions-curve

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