12 Questions: VFRESH

Vfresh , who got a show running now till early July at WorkingTitle in Toronto , sat down with 12oz staff for a 12 questions interview :

1. Introduce yourself – your name and any crews you represent. 
Imperial VFRESH …representing all things good in New York State. USA.

2. Tell us about your name – what does “Vandalism For Real” mean to you? 
Self explanatory.

3. You started graffiti at a very early age – what inspired you to pick up that first can of spray paint? 
It was the tool of choice to convey the applied results. Perhaps I ran out loose leaf paper, and it was time to take it to the next level…

4. You’re one of, if not the most prolific writer in NYC – any other writers you consider up there with you? 
Although it might seem politically correct to drop a couple of names in the game, unfortunately due to technical difficulties that can not be done at this time…

5. Are there any writers out there that you feel really pushed you to achieve your current status as a NYC graff icon. 
Inspirations come from all points of the universe.

6. What was your graffiti arsenal like back in the day – what supplies would you always have on you? 
“RUST-OLEUM” ultra flat black..my favorite!

7. Back in the late 80’s and 90’s what boroughs had the best graffiti? 
MANHATTAN… Of course! Non – LoL

8. What do you think about the current state of NYC graff? 
Don’t think about it … Be about it …. always taking it to the next level… at all times…

9. Any writers you’re still checking for? 
The only writers I am checking for are check writers…

9. You’ve been all city for quite some time now – what do you miss most about 90’s graffiti? 
I miss nothing about the 90’s. Except the fact I had the whole decade on lock. Air-tight.. Like no other.

10. Do you believe that the current lack of authentic NYC graffiti is caused more by the increased police presence or a lack of effort from current writers? 
30% Porky – %70 Writers. They don’t make them like they used to…

11. What’s next for VFR in 2014 – any gallery openings or current projects you’re working on? 
Northstar 6/20/2014 (solo), TimeBomb 7/25/2014 (group), PepperSpray 2 “extra chemicals”… (Fall/Winter 2014). That what’s on the public calendar.

12. You put blood, sweat, and years into graffiti – if you could do it all over again – would you do anything differently? 
Kings exert pressure ! That is that !! Blood and sweat.. Nah, Not one drop has ever hit the pavement. In the name of graffiti. Built for this from way back. Designed To Attract. There is nothing to do differently.

Interview: Pete Moran


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