Mass Appeal Presents: The NYC Box Truck

They say that the end of an era always ushers in another, and few cities know this sentiment as much as New York does. With all its histories, individual odysseys, and collective chapters alike, The Big Apple has always been a place of constant change and perpetual legacy all at once. It’s a bit of a paradox really. In under a century, the same hallowed soil that many immigrants clung to for new opportunities and freedoms have become grounds for the newer, home-grown generations to rebelliously explore in the form of aerosol paint.

You see, the subway car was a rolling canvas for writers— it went underground, it went above ground, it crossed multiple neighborhoods, it crossed boroughs. And in a culture where having your work seen throughout the city was a big deal, getting onto a car was major league caliber and status. Fortunately for graffiti and its supporters, the end wasn’t really the end, as the transition out of the train “golden” era instead meant a collective shift into other areas— other locations, other surfaces, other moving targets. READ THE FULL ARTICLES HERE


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