Digital Download July 1st
INDELIBLE(the track)

Graffti writer and composer, Chaze is a multi-format artist whose trajectory is set
between Paris, and New York. For his new and frst EP, “Indelible”, Chaze reached
out to a couple of his fellow writers to produce the remixes for this track. Joey
Beltram, from New York City and Dj Reyz from Paris. Also featured on this EP is a
new song titled “Children of The Night”.


Born and raised in Paris, CHAZE discovered the new urban art of graffti in his early
teen years and instantly fell in love with it. After a couple years of training, he
began his “professional” career in the subway stations and train yards of Paris
under the name Stem. In the 1990’s, alo ng with his “colleagues” Oeno and Gary,
he became one of the frst two “writers” to be jailed in France for having made the
head of the news at the time; The prestigious station Louvre had just been «
vandalized » by Stem and his two associates. Shortly after, he changed his name to
Chaze. In 1995, he created GT (Grim Team), that turned out to be one of the few
mythical french graffti crews. In the late 90’s, he worked for the distributor of
independent records Chronowax and the label Arsenal, and began to take a real
interest in music production. Chaze then went through a long period of producing
independent Hip Hop while living in New York for more than a decade, to naturally
evolve towards a more electronic direction.
Joey Beltram is a techno pioneer, heralded as one of the scene’s biggest stars. In
2009, Beltram had a Beatport top 10 with his remix of Oliver Huntemann’s
Shanghai Spinner. He also had a huge vinyl releases like the Scorpion on
Drumcode, Shaking Trees on Harthouse (a Raveline track of the month), and a killer
remix of Abe Duque’s Let’s Take It Back that had rave reactions across the board
including MANDY, Dave Clarke and Hell.
Since then he continued to run of headline slots at festivals, which included
Coachella, BLOC in the UK, Hungary’s Bonusz, Awakenings, Planetlove and Rockit
Open Air, plus club gigs from Berghain to the 10,000 capacity Fabrik in Madrid to
Fabric UK’s sister club matter, Ministry of Sound and numerous appearances in
Germany, US, Spain, Holland, Canada, Malta…(Resident advisor)
DJ Reyz AKA Dudley Slang is a talented up and coming grafftti writer, dancer,
Producer, DJ check & learn more about Reyz on Soundcloud and Facebook .

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