Rip Dg-one Nwc

DG-one  started bombing in 1985 , member of the Nwc crew . From Bombing trains and street to burners , he done it all . Rest in Peace Dg.  Memorial fund can be found here



Graffitiprints is now releasing a print with proceeds going to support Dg’ family . go to Graffit_Prints for more details

8 thoughts on “Rip Dg-one Nwc

  1. Our Family’s lost is deep. Thank you for the out pouring of support. My cousin was such a talented person his art will live on threw the legacy of his art and in everyone he touched.

    1. To everyone who has donated to my brother’s funeral I want you all to know my love and heart goes out to each of you without you we couldn’t have done it THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH losing him was the worst thing in my life learning to live without him is the hardest I miss him everyday I love you Jason

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