STONES THROW VIDEO CONTEST #4: “Low Class Conspiracy” Directed by Kristoffer Crook / A.D: Emilie Tollefsrud Karlsen / DP: Henning Høifødt / COSTUMES: Hanna Duna / PROPS: Terje Lichausen Christiansen / SET PROPS: Christian Teisnes / MAKEUP: Sandra Margareta Mamen / GRADING: Øystein Rabbe v Frameworks / P.A: Henrik Kristoffersen / Special thanks to Sully “The Surgeon” Reed / QUASIMOTO: Maiken Rye / QUAS’ GIRL: Camilla VIK / GANGSTER #1: Jonathan Castro (Breaknecks) / GANGSTER #2: Hakan Høssler (Tonna Brix) / COP #1: Kristian Skyrud / COP #2: Mats Silberg.

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