ondon’s StolenSpace Gallery encourages artists to indulge their vices for the “Saints & Sinners” group show, opening July 11. Featuring a wide array of international creators — from buzz-worthy names in street art to emerging oil painters — the show is an irreverent display of extravagance and excess. Broken Fingaz, a street art crew from Israel, for instance, has been making waves with their comic book-inspired murals that put morbid twists on explicit displays of sexuality. Their piece in the show superimposes an image of a supine, nude woman with that of a lively-looking skeleton in a frenetic collage that is a veritable sensory overload. Sylvia Ji’s painting falls more on the “Saints” side of the show’s spectrum, with a pious-looking woman in Dia de los Muertos-style make-up bowed in front of a stained-glass window. Other artists in “Saints & Sinners” include Beau Stanton, Word to Mother, Pixel Pancho, Cyrcle, Hueman and more.




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