2 men arrested for graffiti after artist’s funeral

Two men were arrested inside a Queens subway station for making graffiti after a funeral service for artist Jason Wulf, who was electrocuted by the third rail and died Wednesday, cops said.
The Glendale civilian patrol group saw the duo making graffiti and putting stickers on cars shortly after the services around 10:30 p.m. Monday on Seneca Avenue near Palmetto Street.
They quickly fled into the “M” subway station, cops said. The patrol group called 911 and police waited for the vandals at the last stop, and they were arrested inside the Metropolitan Avenue subway station near Rentar Plaza in Middle Village, cops said.

The duo, XX , 19, and XX , 47, were caught red-handed with black and red acrylic paint markers and fifteen stickers, cops said.
They were both charged with criminal possession of graffiti instruments and making graffiti, cops said.
A friend of Wulf said he may have been down on the tracks “tagging,” or getting ready to, at the 25th Street station the night of his death in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
Shortly after Wulf’s death, friends began paying homage to their spray-painting pal by splashing his tag initials — “DG’’ — in the subway station where he died.
Extra cops were eventually dispatched to the same station last Friday to keep the taggers away, so the friends began spray-painting Wulf’s tag in other ­stations and on mailboxes.


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