DirtyPilot Presents SKEME New Print

DirtyPilot Presents – “Once upon a line” by Graffiti Legend SKEME
Check out this dope new print my SKEME. This archival pigment print measures a large 24″ x 21″ and from an edition of only 25!! Printed on Moab Entrada 300gms art paper. Each print and hand signed and numbered by SKEME.


Skeme began writing in 1979 at the age of 15. He got up on the 1, 2, 3, 5, A, CC, and D lines and also hit the 4, E, F, M, and J lines of the New York City subway system, quickly going ALL CITY. He wrote with many of graffiti’s greats, to include Phase2, Chain3, Kool131, Tean5, Kade198, Smily149 (RIP), Dez, Part1, Kase2 (RIP), EN005 (RIP) and Daze.

Skeme also enjoyed membership and affiliation with some of the top writing crews of the day to include: INDS, TDS, TMT, TNT, TED, and 3YB. In early 82′, Skeme, along with his mother, was featured in the pioneering documentary, Style Wars, produced by Henry Chalfant and Tony Silvers, which showcased Graff and B-Boying, two of Hip Hop’s primary elements.

Shortly after the filming of “Style Wars” Skeme’s mother suggested he leave the house, whereupon he joined the US Army, executing his final piece the night before departing for basic training. After 28 years of service he retired in 2010 and returned to find that many of his old Graff partners were still painting, and painting well. After a few “rust removal” painting sessions, Skeme got his “mojo” back and jumped into the Graff world with both feet, essentially becoming the Austin Powers of Graffiti. Heavily influenced by the art of Marvel Comics and Heavy Metal magazine. Today Skeme’s work is better than ever, as if he never missed a beat!!

To commemorate the release of this amazing print, SKEME has created 5 small masterpieces that can be seen and purchased in the Backroom Gallery. Don’t sleep on the one!

More infos here

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