[TODAY] GETTING UP – The Evolution of Graffiti – Group Art Show

Opening Reception: August 4, 2014, 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition: August 4th – August 24th

@ La Maison Art Gallery
259 West 132nd Street
New York, NY 10027

A visual representation on the evolution and cultural influence of Hip Hop Graffiti from New York to France, featuring works by T-Kid 170, OENO, Paul Deo, Mathamatics Patterson, Flygirrl, MRS, Royce Bannon, Ausm and special guests DJ “Poska” and DJ “Akil”.

The exhibition explores the diverse styles of the Graffiti-phenomenon that originated during the inception of Rap and Hip Hop Era on New York City subway cars in the 70’s. As a founding father of the Street Tagging and Graffiti culture, T-Kid 170’s style, 3-D letters and unique characters, has been a source of inspiration for many other writers from all four corners of the globe.

With GETTING UP, we recognize the root of the form; its global evolution and influence on French artist, OENO, from the The infamous 1986 “Le Louvres” metro tagging in Paris to now, having his works shown in world renowned institutions.

While in Harlem,Paul Deo creates futuristic innovative Graffiti. The pulse that is pushing the genre forward can be found in the work of artists such as, MRS, who creates a series of collage works inspired by graffiti art’s relationship to temporality—an element not always obvious, visible, or identifiable to the spectator.

FLYGIRRL’s skill in art and illustration became more and more a part of her life as her acrylic and ink works of urban/comic book/graffiti-esque art came sneaking out on the scene. AUSM’s work is mostly dedicated to letter structure and other aspects of traditional graffiti.

Royce Bannon’shybrid style graffiti can be found on the street or commissioned for clothing lines and apparel.

DJ Poska, spinning since the 80’s, has refined his art and mixes now almost as he breathes. Evenings, mix tapes, radio shows, compilations, production, directing. Stung by the virus of Hip Hop early on, and his rapid ascension, DJ Poska has forever solidified himself into the history of French Hip Hop as being among the pioneers of the Mixtape movement. DJ Poska is talented and respected not just as a DJ, but also for his refined ear for great music. http://www.rap2france.com/biographie-dj-poska.php

DJ Akil, on the turntables since 1993, is the official DJ of HUPERKUT & BREAKFLOW RECORDS (PARIS/NEW YORK), GOBLIN MUSIC (U.S.A-N.Y.C), LFBTV (Live From Brooklyn TV, U.S.A-N.Y.C), BOOMBOX BULLIES (U.S.A-NYC), SALIF (FRANCE-PARIS), AMARA and PRINCESS ANIES (FRANCE-PARIS) which it has accompanied for already several years on scene through France and the foreigner, present in the design of their albums.

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