Ghettos-2-Galleries Trailer

Ghettos-2-Galleries is an independent documentary about the rise of street art and graffiti from back alleys and train cars, into galleries and museums around the world. Filming began in early July 2014 and will run through Art Basel Miami in early December. Ghettos-2 Galleries will focus on the process of an artist selling works throughout a gallery, and how the art has developed into a worldwide phenomenon through the power of the digital age. We will be filming at some of the hottest graffiti and street art events and exhibits in New York City, Miami and Paris showcasing and interviewing some of the top artist, dealers and collectors in the world. The films producers will look to crowd funding to help raise $20,000 to cover travel and post production costs. The rewards for your support include limited edition prints, stickers, t-shirts and original canvas works from some of the artist featured in the documentary. Ghettos-2-Galleries kickstarter page will launch in early September.

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