“A Concrete Toy” by Boris Tellegen x Case Studyo

‘A Concrete Toy’


This iconic work by Boris Tellegen was originally designed in 2005 and executed in a 4,5m large wood sculpture for an exhibition in Pittsburgh. For Boris it made sense to execute this ‘toy’ robot again in concrete this time, the least child friendly material you can imagine. A nice contradiction and a beautiful material to work with. The word TOY has a double meaning; in the graffiti scene it references an unexperienced writer.

The robot is constructed from the letters of Boris Tellegen’s graffiti name D-E-L-T-A. His early fascination with Japanese robots (especially the older ones with very square and naive forms) inspired him a lot while writing the letters of his name, at a certain point his letters became the robot.

This concrete sculpture measures 28cm. tall in an edition of 32. It comes in a screen printed wood box with a certificate of authenticity. Each sculpture is signed and numbered individually by the artist.

Availaible as of today.
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