Nug, I am just trying to be nice video preview

‘I am just trying to be nice’ is a book about the work of Nug, published as a limited edition first run. This exclusive publication comes with a one of a kind book cover Nug made from a new piece of his work cut to pieces. Please note: every single copy has a unique cover made by the artist. Limited edition of 750 pieces (and sold out at the publisher).

This book contains the first true overview of Nug’s work: from exhibitions to graffiti pictures, video stills and paintings, it’s all here, all Nug, in all overwhelming intensity. This release is a collectors item for book lovers, graffiti haters and opinionated people.


Nug. Stockholm, Sweden.

Nug is a well known name in the graffiti scene. Apart from taking trains and walls on, he’s also created many controversial exhibitions, video’s and paintings. Some define his works as plain vandalism, others clearly think this is what art is about. These strong opinionated differences even made it into the Swedish parliament and has kept many international art critics included in the debate.

Product Details
Format: 220 x 310 mm
Pages: 64
Language: English
Release date: 2013
Weight: 370 g