Montana Colors is proud to introduce you two new MTN Limited Editions: the visionary Dalek and old school legend Revolt don’t need any presentation.


or years Dalek has attempted to find glory within the inner workings of intrinsically invaluable items.
The desire to explore the deepest and most meaningless of endeavors has led him to this point in time.

It is now that we can wonder how it is that things evolve into these states of being before devolving and disappearing behind layers of hidden entropy. Degradation has lead us to explosive corners of exploration and new life. Circular cycles relegate themselves to interspersion of seeds throughout the universe.

Revolt : A core member of the NYC graffiti-art crew, Rolling Thunder Writers (RTW). Known for ultra-colorful tags, elaborate psychedelic and comic-art influenced aerosol pieces on the Broadway #1 subway line in the 70’s, and later, taking it “all-city”.

His early 80’s tour of Baltimore is legendary where he, like a “messenger of style” helped kick-start an ever expanding graffiti movement. His contributions to the classic hip-hop films, “Wild Style & “Style Wars”, music videos, album covers, comics and the design of the iconic “YO! MTV Raps” logo have earned him a place in the history of graffiti.

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