Futura “TIMEWARP” Exhibition @ Shchusev State Museum of Architecture Moscow

As tantalizing an art show as there will be this year, Futura‘s “TIMEWARP” exhibition was recently unveiled to the Moscow audience at the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture. The barebones, somewhat Brutalist space – coldly done in raw concrete and brick – played the perfect backdrop for Futura’s dizzying graffiti-based constellations – meant to explore the theme of time over the course of more than 20 pieces. The artist’s penchant ‘atom rings’ motif ties the paintings together, each of which is carefully placed to fill every cranny of the museum space. Graciously curated by retailer BELIEF Moscow, enjoy a full photo recap of the exhibition futura-timewarp-exhibition-shchusev-state-museum-of-architecture-moscow-1

Shchusev State Museum of Architecture
ulitsa Vozdvizhenka, 5/25
Moscow, 119019