Futura “Kinetic Action” Solo Exhibition by Converse ( Magda Danysz Gallery , China )

After his well-received show in Moscow, Futura traversed borders to Shanghai for his latest exhibition. The show, fittingly dubbed “Kinetic Action,” gave audiences the opportunity to watch Futura create new, unique work in-person. Teaming up with a Shanghai-based calligrapher on the opening day, Futura co-painted a lengthy canvas that juxtaposes his own penchant symbols with his partner’s own traditional handstyle. Alongside this, of course, the prolific New York O.G. also produced new gallery work for the exhibition – perhaps even a more versatile effort than the pieces seen in Moscow. Peep the recap of the ”Kinetic Action” opening day, then if in the area, be sure to visit Magda Danysz Gallery before the exhibition closes on December 6. check the full report here


Magda Danysz Gallery
188 Linqing Road
Shanghai, China
+86 21 5513 9599

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