Two Germans charged in court for vandalism and trespassing

Two Germans were charged in court on Saturday morning for their involvement in a case of vandalism of an SMRT train at Bishan Depot on Nov 8, 2014.

They were arrested at Kuala Lumpur International Airport based on a warrant of arrest issued by the State Courts here in Singapore, as they were about to depart for Australia, said the police’s Criminal Investigation Department Director Tan Chye Hee.


The two men face two charges each – for entering the depot without authorisation, and committing the act of vandalism, using spray paint to paint graffiti on the left exterior cabin of an SMRT train at the depot.

The two accused had their charges read out to them in German, in court on Saturday. Both will be remanded for a week, with permission to take them out for investigation purposes.

If found guilty of vandalism, Knorre and Hinz could be imprisoned for a maximum period of three years, or fined a sum of up to S$2,000 and also face between three and eight strokes of the cane.

For the offence of trespassing, a fine of S$1,000 may be imposed or a jail term of up to two years or both.



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